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Tony Romo: Underrated And Underestimated

We’re midway through August, and the 2013 campaign is almost upon us. In the offseason Jerry Jones gave Romo a 6-year extension worth $108 Million making him one of the highest paid QB’s in the league, and he’s worth every penny. To the average fan who calls Romo “Overrated” or a “Choke Artist”, he’s far from it. Don’t let a botched Field Goal Attempt 7 years ago make you label this Quarterback as a “Choke Artist”. He isn’t. In fact last Season he was tied with the Falcons’ Matt Ryan with the most 4th Quarter Comebacks in the NFL (5). Did you know Tony Romo has the best 4th Quarter Passer Rating currently in the NFL at 101.8? How is that not clutch? For his Career he has a total of 18 4th Quarter Comebacks, and 19 Game-Winning Drives.

Most people don’t want to put Romo in their Top 10 because they say he doesn’t have any Playoff success. Well if we look back at the early part of Peyton Manning’s Career he started out 0-3 in the Playoffs. He also had an underwhelming Record of 3-6 in the Playoffs prior to the Year he won a Super Bowl. Just because Romo hasn’t had the Playoff success yet doesn’t mean it won’t come. Last year Tony Romo carried his team to an 8-8 Season. On paper that may not sound great but if you factor in the lack of running game, the make shift offensive line followed by a horrid defense plagued with injuries that couldn’t seem to hold a lead late in games it’s a miracle Dallas was even put in a position to win their Division Week 17 against the Redskins. Romo was 2nd in the NFL in Completions last Year, 5th in Completion Percentage, 3rd in Passing Yards with 4,903, 6th in Touchdown Passes, and in the Top 10 for QB Rating. Tony Romo is a consistent Quarterback in this league, and has been since he was named the Starter Week 8 in 2006. He’s the reason why the Cowboys have been relevant at the end of the Season for much of the past 7 Years.

Statistically speaking, Tony Romo is very under appreciated for what he’s accomplished as the Franchise Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Considering his numbers, why can’t Romo be in the conversation for being one of the game’s top 6-7 quarterbacks? He’s been named to 3 Pro Bowls, he broke a rib, and punctured a lung in a game against the 49ers back in 2011, and brought the team back to win in Overtime. Now if that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. Most fans critique Romo through his mistakes, but won’t credit him for his greatness. The man holds some of the most prestige Records in the Dallas Cowboys storied History. Romo holds the record for most 3+ TD Passes (27), games with 300+ Passing Yards (40), Touchdown Passes (177), amongst other notable Records. When your Franchise has had the likes of Don Meredith, Roger Staubach, Danny White, and Troy Aikman that’s some Elite company to be apart of. Not to mention that he’s also currently 5th in NFL History for Career Passer Rating; simply amazing. Just because Romo has not won a Super Bowl yet doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be considered an Elite Quarterback in this League, and no Quarterback wins a Super Bowl without some help. Since Romo took over, Dallas’ Defense has been in shambles at stretches, and far from consistent. I mean look back to the Packers in 2011 as an example. Aaron Rodgers is a phenomenal Quarterback, and his team went 15-1 that Season, but the reason they couldn’t win a Super Bowl that year was mainly because his team’s Defense couldn’t stop anybody. They collapsed in the Playoffs because of their Defense. Romo is good enough to get his team to a Super Bowl, he has the talent to win a Super Bowl, he can do his part of the job but it’s up to the other members of the team to hold up their end of the bargain.

The Playoff Wins, and Super Bowl opportunities will come. Give Romo credit, he’s not “Overrated”, he’s not a “Choke Artist”, he’s an Elite Quarterback playing for America’s Team with more pressure on him than any other Quarterback in this League. If anything he’s underrated, underappreciated, and most certainly underestimated.

By: Drew Kashmer


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