Ranking The Top Tier Running Backs For 2014

Ranking The Top Tier Running Backs For 2014

by Jesse Dameon

Anyone who plays fantasy football can tell you that it all starts with having a very solid running game. As we get ready for the 2014 season, there appears to be a top-tier of talent at the position. A total of 6 running backs should be locks for the 1st round in any league. Here is a short preview of what to expect out of each in the upcoming season.


Adrian Peterson

We are closing in on the and of Peterson’s prime, but he should still be the most consistent running back in fantasy football this year. He has battled some injuries in the last few seasons, and missing 2 games down the stretch last year certainly left a sour taste. However, he has an entire offense built around him, and that counts for something. He might not have his best season ever in 2014, but he is a safe pick at number 1.


Jamaal Charles

The reigning fantasy football champion at running back will be ready for another great season in 2014. The biggest reason why he is kept out of the top spot is because it is going to be very difficult for him to score 19 touchdowns again. He is able to have success mainly because of his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He was targeted over 100 times last year, and that makes up for is sometimes lacking running totals. Feel confident that he is a top 3 option for sure, and taking a number 1 overall is not a reach.


LeSean McCoy

Realistically, McCoy is one of only 3 players (the others listed above) who have a shot at going number 1 overall in fantasy football. He was able to revitalize his career thanks to Chip Kelly being in town. He easily won the rushing title last year in the NFL, and he has a very good shot of doing it again in 2014. Adding Darren Sproles to the mix will probably hurt his receiving numbers, but Philadelphia runs a lot plays throughout the game. He will have opportunities to succeed.


Matt Forte

It was a very successful 2013 season for Forte, as he was able to do a lot of things for the Chicago Bears. The most promising statistic in 2013 was the fact that he finally found a way to score on a consistent basis. He was able to find the end zone 12 times, and that made him a very valuable piece in fantasy football. Chicago’s offense is not going to be slowing down anytime soon, so expect him to be a very consistent threat all year long.


Eddie Lacy

Lacy was dangerous as a rookie, and he had to play quite a few games without Aaron Rodgers by his side. With those 2 players teaming up, there is a chance that both could really take off in fantasy football. He is a big running back at 230 pounds, but he has the ability to show finesse as well. Durability was thought to be an issue early on in his career, but after a concussion scare, he was able to stay on the field consistently.


Marshawn Lynch

Call this a Super Bowl hangover if you will, but Lynch is the most vulnerable of the top 6 running backs in the NFL as far as fantasy football is concerned. He has been very dependable in the past, but his age and the wear and tear on his body might be too much this upcoming year. Seattle is also hoping to work in some different options at running back to take the workload off of him. He is still going to be solid and worthy of a 1st round pick, but he will be the weakest link out of these guys.


by Jesse Dameon


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