Three Best Drews In NFL History

Three Best Drews In NFL History


Throughout the history of the NFL, quite a few Andrews (or Drews) have made an impact at the highest level. Even though that name has been around for centuries, it seems like all the impact NFL players with the name are relatively new. Here is a look at the top three, who all just happen to be quarterbacks.


Drew Brees


Known for his huge numbers in fantasy fantasy football football every single year, Drew Brees has carved out a Hall of Fame career for himself. He started in San Diego, but he made his name in New Orleans. He has won two NFC MVP Awards, and in Super Bowl XLIV, he lead the Saints to their first ever title while winning MVP honors. Even at age 35, he is going strong.


Drew Bledsoe


Was Drew Bledsoe a great quarterback? That’s debateable, as he is not going to Canton any time soon. However, he was a four-time Pro Bowler who also has a Super Bowl Championship on his resume (albeit as a backup to Tom Brady). He came out of Washington State and was drafted #1 overall, so teams always knew Bledsoe had the talent to succeed in the NFL.


(An)drew Luck


On rare occasions, Andrew Luck goes by Drew. Aren’t all Drews actually Andrews though? This is the best young quarterback in the game, and he is already showing signs that he could be a Hall of Famer if he stays healthy. He is about the make the playoffs for the third time in as many tries with the Indianapolis Colts, and he could be the best quarterback in the NFL in the next year or two. He’s still very young, but he is probably the Drew with the most potential ever in the NFL.

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