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A Stern Statement

“Wait, what did he just say?!?!”

Thats what everyone listening to The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday said as the world was entertained by a extremely awkward interview between show host Jim Rome and NBA commissioner David Stern. When asked about the possibility of the NBA Draft Lottery being rigged to give the No. 1 pick to the league owned New Orleans Hornets, Stern responded by first saying no then asking Rome “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

Wait What?

When asked a valid question that many NBA fans have been wondering about for a few years now, Stern reacted like a child taking a absolutely unnecessary stab at the often controversial radio host that was so far out of left field.

Now Jim Rome could have presented the question to Stern much better that he did commenting to Stern “I know that you appreciate a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy.” that most likely rubbed him the wrong way to begin with. And as we all know Rome has a very loud and controversial voice that can get under some peoples skins, just ask Chris… I mean Jim Everett. But the question could have been answered very simply and Stern could have just moved on from it. But he didn’t. David after the wife beating comment he questioned Rome making a career off of cheap thrills making a very awkward interview even more uncomfortable.

The question about the NBA being rigged is a long shot from being true but there has been a few examples that lean towards a little tampering from the NBA head office. The most recent and most publicized example before the NBA Draft Lottery was the attempted trade of PG Chris Paul from the league owned New Orleans Hornets to the 17 time champion Los Angeles Lakers when at the last minute the trade was blocked by the commissioner for what they described as “basketball reasons”. Obviously more than just the fan bases were upset and the idea of the NBA trying to infulence the landscape of the NBA was brought up. The thought was that Stern wanted to keep Paul, one of the leagues best players, with the Hornets to make the team as a whole more appealing to any potential buyers. The whole ordeal rubbed all NBA fans the wrong way. Adding in the lockout that shortened the season makes Stern not a very popular figure.

As the commissioner of one of the biggest professional sports leagues in the entire world, Stern should know better by now to even make a comment like these on a nationally broadcasted radio show. Not only putting a black eye on himself, as a representative of the league it puts one on the entire NBA as a whole. It also sets a bad example for the players in the NBA. What happens when a player says something controversial on T.V. or radio. They could use the excuse that they are just following what their commissioner has done. Stern needs to set a good example for not just his players but the entire NBA on how to respond and handle questions asked by the media that they may not approve of or like.

David Stern should at least make a apology for the wife beating remarks towards Jim Rome no matter what his explanation after the interview were. Stern can’t act this immature again if he wants to ever regain the faith and trust of NBA fans.

Stern acted more like a bully rather than the principle of the NBA.

by Andrew Isaac