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Andrew’s Super Bowl XLVI Predictions

Were finally here.

After two long weeks of breaking down every angle of the game. Every strength and weakness about each team has been looked at over and over and over again. All of the players for both teams getting quizzed about every aspect of the game all week the entire time being reminded of the game that they are playing and the pressure that is packaged with it. And with the matchup we have for Super Bowl XLVI is almost guaranteed to be a great one.

We get the rematch of one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played with the New York Giants and the New England Patriots facing off in Indianapolis. The Giants try to win their 2nd Super Bowl in 4 years and second consecutive Super Bowl win over the Patriots. Eli Manning attempts to put his name in the elite category by winning his second Super Bowl and more importantly to the media passing his older brother, Peyton Manning, with more Super Bowl rings 2 to 1.

If the Patriots want to take this game they will have to improve on their 31st ranked pass defense as they have for the most part all through the playoffs. They will have to get in Eli Mannings face early and often and must not let him sit in the pocket untouched. As it has been all week Rob Gronkowski will be a big story on Sunday. The Pats will have to establish the threat of Gronkowski early so they keep him in the mind of the Giants early and free up other players against the stingy Giants pass defense.

On the Giants side they will have to keep Eli clean and off the turf as they struggled to do against the 49ers. Eli must continue his success on third down as he did in the NFC Championship against the Niners. The Giants have to spread the field on the relatively weak Patriots pass defense. The Giants defense must contain Tom Brady and the exciting Patriots offense and the Giants offense must also keep up with the Patriots. Simply put, the Giants must run the same gameplan that they set up when they beat the Patriots in Foxboro earlier this year.

The fact that the Giants are over confident for this game have me a bit nervous but if you make it this far you have to be a little confident  in your team. I have a feeling Tom Coughlin has got this team game ready and kept them away from the media jumping onto their bandwagon. Speaking of coaches one of the best all time will be on the other sideline in Bill Belichick and he just might have his team ready to play as well.

This game just like the Super Bowl matchup before this will be a extremely close game throughout with no one team pulling away. The strong Giants front defense will have to get pressure on Brady and control the rushing attach from the Patriots. If Eli can get time to throw the Giants can use their deadly staff of receivers to pick apart the Patriots defense. Victor Cruz will be used a lot and we will see some salsa dancing in the endzone at least once. Nicks will find the endzone as well. The Patriots will keep up through the air as well using Wes Welker a lot. The game will come down to the last final minutes as Eli will lead the Giants down the field just like he has done in the previous two meetings and score a late touchdown as the Giants will beat the Patriots again and win their 2nd Super Bowl in 4 years.

NY Giants 27 New England 24


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