Is Andy Dalton Ready To Be An Elite Quarterback?

Is Andy Dalton Ready To Be An Elite Quarterback?

The Cincinnati Bengals have quietly built themselves up as true playoff contender these last few seasons, and they are hoping that a strong 2013 offseason will put them in the mix for a Super Bowl. No matter how strong their team appears to be on paper, they can’t truly be elite until quarterback Andy Dalton takes the next step. After a strong start to his career, will Dalton become an elite signal call in 2013?

Head coach Marvin Lewis wants to stress tempo with the offense this season, and a big part of tempo is the play and poise of the quarterback. The offense should operate much more smoothly this season, not only due to the changes in philosophy, but with their personnel as well.

Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones both appear to be promising targets for Dalton, finally giving AJ Green some much needed help. The Bengals also picked up two other playmakers in the first two rounds of the NFL draft, as tight end Tyler Eifert and running back Giovani Bernard joins the mix. Dalton now has the best supporting cast he has ever had and several bona fide potential fantasy football stars for 2013.

Cincinnati made some improvements on defense, but they were already a top 10 defense in the NFL last season. The team just came up short against Houston in the playoffs, not able to come up with enough offense to move on through the next round.

Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick are the young quarterbacks receiving all the hype around the NFL, but the Bengals collectively can compete with any team in the NFL. He has been impressive during the offseason according to reports, but until the season begins, no one knows for sure just how much Dalton has improved. If everyone stays relatively healthy though, the Bengals could quickly become a legitimate Super Bowl contender this season. That would certainly put Dalton in the highest level of signal callers.

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