The Real Winner Of The Peyton/Colts Divorce Is The NFL

March 7th will go down in NFL history as the day the landscape of the league changed.

Four time NFL MVP Peyton Manning was let go by the only team he ever suited up for in the NFL and is now free to sign to any team he wants. Now analysts are looking at who is going to be better off after this shake up between one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game and his now former team. Now the Colts can look towards the future with selecting their future leader to replace Peyton under center with the selection of Andrew Luck in this years NFL Draft. And now Peyton can move on to another team of his choosing, not having to look over his shoulder and see himself being replaced by a new, younger quarterback for the near future. But one group that has and will win from this divorce is the NFL.

A Distraction From “Bounty-Gate”

The only news about the NFL over the past week has been all about Greg Williams and “Bounty-Gate” and all of the negative press surrounding it. Constant news breaking about one team after the other that Williams had been a part of coming forward and admitting that the Defensive Coordinator would put up bounties on players and pay his defensive players who completed these bounties. Now after the announcement of Peyton and the Colts separating it has taken the spotlight almost completely off “Bounty-Gate”. Now rather that all of the talks about suspensions and fines there is reminiscing about the history in Indy and looking forward to Peytons and the Colts future. The timing of this announcement is so perfect for the NFL im a little suspicious that the NFL had something to do with the early announcement before the Thursday deadline.

A New Team Gets One Of The Greats

In 2012 Peyton Manning will wear a NFL helmet without a horseshoe on it. That is going to look really weird. The Colts loss will be one lucky teams big gain for several reasons. For one they will get one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever put on shoulder pads in the NFL. If he can remain healthy and regain his hall of fame type play he has put on display over his 14 year career. Having Manning on a team can put that team over the top and get to a Super Bowl. Having Peyton in your uniform on the field will make a team much better, but having Peyton in your uniform off the field can do just as much for a franchise. Everyone who follows sports even a little knows who Peyton Manning is and having him on your team will automatically bring attention to your franchise. More media coverage, more sponsorships, more excitement and buzz surrounding the team, and having such a dynamic piece as Peyton can make a team seem a lot more appealing to a free agent. Now as Peyton moves to another team it will make another team in the NFL much more relevant than they have been like Miami, Arizona, or Seattle which is always good for the NFL.

A New Rivalry

As soon as Peyton picks a team and signs up, everyone will be looking if and when that team will play the Colts. It will become one of the most hyped and looked forward to regular season games of the year. I can just imagine the sold out crown at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday Night Football on NBC as Peyton Manning wearing a road uniform jogs onto the field to a shower of cheers. He will have that mid field meeting with Andrew Luck and will catch up with Jim Irsay. The team that inherits Peyton will not only make the Indianapolis Colts their new rivals but will inherit Peyton’s other rivals like Tom Brady and the Patriots and his brother Eli and the Giants. Having more rivalries throughout the NFL makes for more exciting throughout the year making each matchup more and more exciting and pressure packed. It creates more memorable moments.

The departure of Peyton from Indy will make fans of the Colts unhappy and reflect on the successful past they had. But now both sides must look towards the future and the possibility of both of them having as much success next year. The team Peyton will join is still up in the air but one thing is certain. No matter where he goes, the NFL wins.

by: Andrew Isaac

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