Drew’s Super Bowl XLVI Prediction

It’s finally here, Super Bowl Sunday. New England Patriots vs. New York Giants. The last time these two teams met in the Super Bowl, it was the undefeated Patriots going up against the underdog Giants. New York won that Super Bowl thanks to a couple miracle-like plays (Manning escaping a sack to Tyree’s helmet catch) that would eventually lead to a Burress touchdown that put the G-Men up for good. The Patriots were over confident, and a bit full of themselves throughout that entire season. Nobody wanted them to win, and they were greatly hated among other football fans. Meanwhile the Giants were on the road the entire postseason, and found themselves in the big game. The defense put pressure on Brady, and in the end New York proved to be too much for New England, winning the Super Bowl 17-14.

This time around, I see things differently. You could make the argument that the Giants are the one’s over confident, and a bit full of themselves the way they’ve acted since getting into this year’s Super Bowl, and that the Patriots could even be considered the underdog…The Patriots defense has been trouble-some most of the season, but since the Playoffs started they’ve played considerably better, and during the AFC Championship game Tom Brady struggled against Baltimore. None the less New England came out victorious. New York defeated the San Francisco 49ers in a very good NFC Championship matchup. The Giants have found a key player in Victor Cruz, while the Patriots have found a weapon of their own in “The Gronk”. I believe this game willl be a high scoring affair. Giants secondary is pretty weak, and we all know the Patriots defense is weak as well, meaning points will be put up on the board early, and often. Eli Manning has played very well this season, alot of comebacks in the 4th quarter’s of football games, and the defensive line for the G-Men have played great of late. But I really think that the Patriots defense will make enough stops, Wes Welker will have a big day, and Ocho Cinco might even snag a catch. I believe Tom Brady won’t forget the loss in the last Super Bowl to the Giants, and a motivated Tom Brady is a dangerous Tom Brady.

New England Patriots win Super Bowl XLVI by a final score of 30-24. Tom Brady gets redemption, and wins the Super Bowl MVP award.

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