NFL Pro Bowl Predictions

  • The game will be utterly meaningless and pointless
  • Tim Tebow’s name will be mentioned no less than 15 times
  • The Twitter station will be the most exciting part of the game
  • The game will break down into a 7 on 7 drill.
  • Both teams will top 100 points
  • The lineman will not even touch each other
  • Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers will slap on a fake smile even though they are dead inside
  • Ditto for Ravens and 49ers players
  • Matt Forte will score 2 touchdowns and the Bears will let him go
  • A old washed up singer no one cares about will perform at halftime
  • NBC will promote the hell out of their unwatchable TV shows because this time is cheaper than the Super Bowl
  • There will be no Buffalo Bills players playing again.
  • Drew Brees will throw for over 700 yards
  • The defenses will give up and go lay on the beach after the first half
  • NFC will beat the AFC 120 to 107
  • I will not watch
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