Andrew’s NFL Divisional Round Picks


Broncos @ Patriots


What a shock this matchup happened again. Pulling a upset that almost nobody thought would happen over the injury riddled Steelers, the Tim Tebows, whoops i mean the Denver Broncos (You would think it was just him out there based on the coverage) travel to New England. Who knew Tebow could throw? Especially against one of the NFL toughest defenses. Now playing the Patriots who have one of the worst defenses in the league Tebow could air it out big again, but he will have to keep up with Tom Brady and the Patriots high powered offense. Just like in their last meeting I expect a shootout in the beginning but the Patriots will run away with the game towards the end and hopefully put a end to the mind numbing madness of Tebow mania. New England 45 Denver 24

Texans @ Ravens


Houston showed that even with a 3rd string quarterback they can still put up 30 points and completely control a game like they did last week against Cincinnati in route to their first win in franchise history. Now they play Baltimore who has a rare home playoff game and the Super Bowl in sight. Also with the Steelers out of the playoffs they can breath a bit of a sigh of relief and cheer a little. Both of these defenses are dominant and can control the game at any time. Ray Rice will find holes in the Houston defense and rush for over 150 yards and 2 touchdowns while Flacco will silence critics and throw for a pair of TDs as Baltimore will travel to New England for the AFC Championship game. Baltimore 31 Houston 17


Giants @ Packers



The Giants defense is playing probably better than anyone in the NFL and now they have to run into the Packers and most likely MVP Aaron Rodgers. Obviously the biggest matchup in this game will be the Packers offense against the Giants tough defense lead by Pro Bowler Jason Pierre-Paul who will give Rodgers fits pressuring him on almost every play. If Rodgers can get past the initial rush he can pick apart the Giants D and throw for 3 TDs. Eli Manning will also throw for a couple of TDs and will have some success against the Packers weak defense. This will be a close game the whole way but the Pack will hit a late field goal and host the NFC Championship game next week. Green Bay 27 NY Giants 24

Saints @ 49ers


This will be a very interesting matchup. The Saints record setting offense with the single season passing leader Drew Brees against the tough 49ers defense. Which ever one bends first that team will win the game. The Niners defense has not allowed a single rushing touchdown this year. Good thing the Saints have a lethal passing attack at their disposal. Brees will air it out all over the Niners defense and the Saints will score a rushing touchdown in route to a victory. New Orleans 38 San Francisco 20

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