Drew’s Week 14 NFL Picks

Browns @ Steelers (Steelers Win)…Pittsburgh’s defense will give them the edge in this matchup, winning a surprising tight game against their division rival.

Vikings @ Lions (Lions Win)…Detroit is looking to rebound from the poor performances over the past few weeks, the offense outplays Minnesota (who may or may not have Peterson again), I like the Lions at home here.

Eagles @ Dolphins (Eagles Win)…Vick is back for Philly, and I think they’ll play with more energy than they’ve been playing with lately, Miami has played well recently, but I think they’re due for a letdown at home, Eagles win it.

Saints @ Titans (Titans Win)…Everyone is talking about the Saints because their offense is playing at a high level right now, but have we forgotten that they’ve also given up 400+ yards of passing on defense in back to back weeks? Hasselbeck may not throw strike for strike with Brees, but I fully expect Chris Johnson to run for a huge day, the game remains close, and Bree’s doesn’t get it done this week on a late drive, Titans win.

Bucs @ Jaguars (Bucs Win)…Just an ugly battle in the State of Florida this Sunday between two struggling teams. Jags defense is full of injuries, and the offense can’t score, meanwhile the Bucs aren’t doing much better, but i’ll take the Bucs offense over the Jags offense in this matchup, close margin victory for Tampa Bay.

Chiefs @ Jets (Jets Win)…Jets were in a close one last week with Washington for most of the game, but won it easily, and by a big margin in the end. New York’s defense doesn’t let the Chiefs produce anything big on offense this week, Sanchez and co. win it at home.

Falcons @ Panthers (Falcons Win)…This has the makings of an upset, but I believe Matty Ice beats out Super Cam on the road this week. Atlanta’s offense is too much for the Panthers defense.

Texans @ Bengals (Bengals Win)…Another good matchup here, but with the Bengals in need of a victory to keep pace in the Playoff hunt, Andy Dalton gets the job done here at home, Benson will have a good day rushing too.

Patriots @ Redskins (Patriots Win)…Pats coming to Washington this week after beating Indy last week, Tom Brady will pick the ‘Skins apart all day long. New England wins it easily.

Colts @ Ravens (Ravens Win)…No Peyton Manning, no Andrew Luck (not yet at least…) Baltimore’s defense will be too much in the face of these Indianapolis Colts, I fully expect the Ravens to take care of business at home, trying to stay ahead of the Steelers in the AFC North.

49ers @ Cardinals (Cardinals Win)…Yes I know the 49ers have played well this season, and their record shows it but I don’t think this team is for real. They’ll get a first round bye in the Playoffs, but I don’t see them moving on after that…Arizona has Kolb back, and the defense is playing better of late (as seen vs. the Cowboys last week). I like the Cards to keep the win streak alive in ‘Zona this Sunday. Kolb to Fitzgerald late in the 4th quarter wins them the game.

Bears @ Broncos (Broncos Win)…Tebow threw the ball well last week vs. Minnesota, the Denver defense has been playing very well since Tebow has been the starter, McGahee is running like he’s on a mission, this team is clicking right now, they stay ahead of Oakland in the West this week with a win here, and a Raiders loss to the Pack.

Raiders @ Packers (Packers Win)…I think this matchup will be a close game on Sunday, but do I really see Palmer, and the Raiders beating the Packers on the road? Nope, I do not. Green Bay’s chase for history stays alive with a win at Lambeau.

Bills @ Chargers (Chargers Win)…San Diego Super Chargers! Well…they’re gonna be playing the Bills this week so anyone would look “super” at this present time vs. Buffalo. Bolts win it by a landslide, as their Playoff chances hang by a thread. Rivers has a huge day for the 2nd week in a row.

Giants @ Cowboys (Cowboys Win)…NFC East division is still up for grabs at this point in the season. New York played well vs. Green Bay, but then again New York is on a 4 game losing streak, so how much momentum can they really carry with them onto Sunday Night Football in Dallas. I know the ‘Boys lost to ‘Zona last week in OT, but coaching cost them that game, no doubt about it. Dallas should, and could still be on their winning streak, but in reality they’re not. None the less, I believe with all my heart that the Cowboys will come out in this one guns blazing, the offense will pound the G-Men’s defense with the Murray-Jones combo early, and often. Last week Dallas got away from the run a little bit, this week the balanced attack will return to them. Tony Romo is playing great right now, and analysts better start to realize that this guy is for real. December woes are in the past, this Cowboys team has a different vibe to them this year than in past seasons. The clutch ways at the end of a lot of these games shows they can win in several ways. Offense will be on its A-game, and so will the defense. I can see Eli struggle this week with the pressure from Ware, and Ratliff. These two teams have talked trash all week, so let’s see who wants this one more. The Cowboys win it on Sunday Night in front of the fans at home.

Rams @ Seahawks (Seahawks Win)…Low scoring, tight game throughout on Monday Night. Jackson practiced at the end of this week, so he’ll be okay to go for the ‘Hawks. Seattle has a key advantage in this game…the 12th man, that’s right the home town fans will power the momentum in these players as the Seahawks win a close one.

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