Drew’s Week 13 NFL Picks

Eagles @ Seahawks (Eagles Win)…Last week the Redskins pushed around the Seahawks defense as Rex Grossman had a big outing, I see McCoy, and Jackson having big days in the victory over the Seahawks on Thursday Night Football.

Bengals @ Steelers (Steelers Win)…Pittsburgh and Cincy battled it out a few weeks ago with a late stop against Dalton, the Steelers won. I expect a similar style of game again here in this one. Steelers win a tight one with their defense.

Falcons @ Texans (Falcons Win)…T.J. Yates is starting for Houston this week, meaning they’re down to their 3rd QB on the depth chart, though this team has some weapons, the offense will not be as productive against an Atlanta team playing at a higher level. Falcons take it on the road this week.

Broncos @ Vikings (Vikings Win)…Showdown of two rookie QB’s; Tebow vs. Ponder. I’ll take the one who can throw it better. Vikings win it at home in a close, low scoring battle.

Chiefs @ Bears (Bears Win)…Kansas City may throw Orton into this game at some point, but I see the Bears defense being the reason that they win this game, not their offense.

Jets @ Redskins (Jets Win)…Jets defense shows up to stop the ‘Skins, Grossman will not have the same success as he did last week vs. the Seahawks. J-E-T-S take it on the road.

Panthers @ Bucs (Panthers Win)…Tampa Bay isn’t going to be a playoff team this year, and without starting QB Freeman this week, I see Cam, and co. outplaying this Bucs team. Panthers win it in a close one.

Raiders @ Dolphins (Dolphins Win)…Coming off of another road game, I feel Oakland will have a little bit of a letdown this week, Miami continues to play hard, and will win it by a close margin. I like the ‘Phins at home.

Colts @ Patriots (Patriots Win)…This matchup isn’t what we anticipated for before the season started, it usually contains Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady; not this time. New England will blowout the Colts who are trying a different route at the QB spot this week by starting Dan Orlovsky. That difference will not make a difference, Pats offense is too much for them to handle.

Titans @ Bills (Titans Win)…Buffalo is banged up, with their Center out for the season, Freddy Jackson out for the year among other injuries. They played well against the Jets last week, but came up short. Chris Johnson rushes for a big day, I believe Buffalo will lose this one with the losing streak set to continue.

Ravens @ Browns (Ravens Win)…Cleveland’s offense will struggle against a tough defense that is the Baltimore Ravens. Enough said. Ravens win it big.

Packers @ Giants (Packers Win)…Giants will play much harder than week’s past, but the undefeated Pack will remain unbeaten as Rodgers and the offense wins it for Green Bay, Giants remain on the losing streak after Sunday.

Rams @ 49ers (49ers Win)…I don’t see this one being a high scoring match, but that’s not going out on a limb. San Fran’s defense makes enough stops to contain Jackson, Gore does his thing leading his team to the low scoring win.

Cowboys @ Cardinals (Cowboys Win)…This will be a big test for Dallas. All season long they have yet to look too far ahead on the schedule, next week they play the Giants which will be a huge game for this divisional race. So, I expect Garrett, and Ryan will keep the team focused on this game only, and Romo, Murray, and the offense continue to stay hot as they beat the Cards in ‘Zona.

Lions @ Saints (Saints Win)…Lions are on a losing streak, and with their best defensive player Suh being suspended for two weeks, this will surely hurt the team. Not enough pressure on Brees will lead to a lot of points for the Saints. New Orleans wins in a shootout.

Chargers @ Jaguars (Chargers Win)…The losing streak ends here. Rivers has a big night on Monday Night Football. Jones-Drew will not be enough to lead his team to victory.

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