Drew’s Week 12 NFL Picks

Packers @ Lions (Packers Win)…Green Bay, and Detroit is bound to be a very good matchup. Over the years despite the Lions’ record, they’ve always fought hard, and played seemingly well. This year is no different. With the Lions winning last week vs. the Panthers in a comeback, they’ll try to carry their momentum on to this game vs. the undefeated Packers. I visualize a very competitive, close game here with defense being more important than offense this week. Aaron Rodgers, Mathews, and the rest of the key Cheeseheads will do whatever it takes to sneak out this tight victory.

Dolphins @ Cowboys (Cowboys Win)…As long as it doesn’t snow again in Dallas for Thanksgiving like it did many years ago against the ‘Phins, I think the Cowboys on a 3 game winning streak will continue to stay hot, and push the streak to 4. But lately, these Dolphins have fought hard, and have a winning streak of their own. The only difference is Miami has yet to play a team like the Cowboys in that streak. Romo will carve up Miami’s secondary, especially on play action plays because Murray will keep the defense on its toes at all times, because this team has a good balance going right now that they didn’t have early on in this season. Ware on pace to possibly break the all-time sack record this season, will put a lot of pressure on this Dolphins offensive line. Oh, by the way Miami’s QB Moore used to play for the Cowboys, but he’ll come up short against his old team. The ‘Boys win this one, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

49ers @ Ravens (Ravens Win)…Short week will hinder the 49ers who have less time to prepare due to having to fly from the west coast coming to Baltimore. I just don’t think this brotherly love matchup will be all that close. San Fran has played pretty well most of this season, but I think they’ll lose on Thanksgiving night. Ray Rice will pound the 49ers defense, and Flacco’s passing game will be open from the pressure of Rice’s ability. Niners get their second loss of the season, in a blowout.

Cardinals @ Rams (Rams Win)…Arizona coming to ST. Louis will be the Cardinals 3rd consecutive road game, that will show up here as the first one to score double digit points will win this matchup. That team will be the Rams. Close game, but Bradford and company get the victory.

Browns @ Bengals (Bengals Win)…Cincy has played well against the tougher opponents of their division the last two weeks, having opportunites to win both but coming up short. The Bengals have no problem winning this game, Benson, Dalton, and the defense comes up big in this victory.

Bucs @ Titans (Bucs Win)…Tampa Bay knows that their season is really on the line now, especially after coming up short against the Packers the previous week. Blount will get a lot of touches in this game, and they’ll pound their way to victory on the road. Tampa Bay willl win by 10 points in a hard fought game in Tennessee.

Bills @ Jets (Jets Win)…The Bills who started out the season hot, have now fizzled down a bit. Losing consecutive games, this team is hurting but physically, and emotionally. Asking this team to come into the Jets stadium, and squeezing out the win is a tough task to ask from them. Fred Jackson is out for the season, and that will put more pressure on Fitzpatrick to come up big, and in the end result the Jets will win this game easily. New York is furious over their performances the past few games. Rex Ryan lights a fire under this team, and with a win it keeps them in pace for a possible playoff spot.

Vikings @ Falcons (Falcons Win)…Matt Ryan, Turner, White and this high scoring offense will look to go up early in this game. Defense will play well, and will put a lot of pressure on the Vikings who will maybe be missing Adrian Peterson, their main offensive weapon. Atlanta blows out Minnesota at home this week.

Texans @ Jaguars (Texans Win)…With Matt Leinart taking the repps at QB this week, he’ll have a solid enough effort in this Sunday’s matchup vs. the Jags. Jones-Drew will rush for over 100 yards. But this time, that won’t be enough of an effort to get a win for the Jags. Houston will use their weapons on offense to get the victory here. It should be a close game though.

Panthers @ Colts (Panthers Win)…Cam Newton will look to clean up his performance from the previous week, as Carolina blew a big lead vs. the Lions. The Colts may be coming off of a Bye will be refreshed, but this team doesn’t show the consistancy, and effort from week to week. This is in part because they know the season is over, and want the #1 spot in next years NFL Draft. Carolina, usually not a good road team, will be a good road team this week. Steve Smith is primed for a big outing, as the Panthers win it in Indy.

Bears @ Raiders (Raiders Win)…No Cutler, no problem. The Bears defense is tough as usual, but Palmer and his offense has played better than most may have anticipated. Oakland looks to stay in first place after this week, and the Raiders defense will contain Hanie and the Bears offense, sorry Forte you won’t be enough to put this team on your shoulders to get the win. Oakland takes it by a close margin.

Redskins @ Seahawks (Seahawks Win)…Washington played seemingly well vs. Dallas last Sunday, but still lost in OT to the hot streaking ‘Boys. Seattle has played very well past few games, and are on a streak of their own. Grossman doesn’t have a good game, and Seattle wins it at home, where the 12th man is always ready to roar. Close margin game, Lynch has a big day as his team wins it.

Patriots @ Eagles (Patriots Win)…Vince Young led his Eagles to victory in New York on SNF last week, but success is a tough feat sometimes. New England will take this win on the road in Philly led by a pass attack from QB Tom Brady. The Eagles won’t have the same success this week as they did last week. Eagles lose by 2 scores.

Broncos @ Chargers (Chargers Win)…San Diego played well enough at times last week to possibly beat the Bears, but in the end they lost. Rivers is steaming after another loss. I don’t see Tebow getting lucky again this week, and the Chargers win it at home led by Rivers, and company. Vincent Jackson will score 2 TD’s in this game.

Steelers @ Chiefs (Steelers Win)…Sunday Night Football in Kansas City, the crowd will be going wild at Arrowhead but this team won’t have the fire power to take down Big Ben and his crew. The Steelers defense will put a stop to anything the Chiefs try doing in this matchup. Pittsburgh takes the win easily.

Giants @ Saints (Saints Win)…New Orleans home for a Monday Night Football game? The dome is always loud for these kinds of games, and this offense is clicking right now. Drew Brees will have a big day, and the Giants losing streak will continue, as they try keeping pace in the NFC East Division race. Eli, and teammates will lose by 2 scores in a high scoring game, Saints win.


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