Andrew’s Week 10 NFL Picks

Raiders @ Chargers

The NFL did the chargers no favors giving them 3 games in 10 days and starting out 0-2 in these games shows these guys are getting tired. The raiders are without Mcfadden again so the rushing game for oakland will be lacking a bit. Rivers will bounce back and the chargers will win this close one. San Diego 24 Oakland 20

Cardinals @ Eagles

This would have been a matchup with Kevin Kolb coming back to Philly where he was suppose to take over after the Mcnabb era ended but due to injury this will not happen. Even with Kolb playing it would not make a difference against the eagles. Dream team they are not however they are a better team and will have this game in hand. Philadelphia 28 Arizona 10

Rams @ Browns

Its a big 12 matchup with Bradford vs McCoy as a backdrop to a strange and interesting matchup. Having Bradford back will help the rams offense while on the other side the browns will be without Peyton Hillis again. This will be a very close matchup between two evenly matched teams but i believe that the home field advantage will push the browns over. Cleveland 17 St. Louis 14

Titans @ Panthers

Cam Newton is having one of the best rookie seasons in NFL history with the help of a career resurgence from Steve Smith. Tennessee needs Chris Johnson to earn the money he has yet to show this year. Cam and the panthers offense will run all over the titans defense and lead carolina to a win. Carolina 31 Tennessee 20

Jaguares @ Colts

Everyone is saying that this is the week that the Colts will get their first win. You know who won’t think that? The Jaguares. They will use all of the negative talk about them just like they did when they played the ravens on monday night weeks ago and come out and perform. The colts first win will have to wait. Jacksonville 14 Indianapolis 10

Bills @ Cowboys

These types of games are always tough for me. Buffalo a team that I love who has a high powered offense but a weak defense at times and playing on the road. Dallas a team with the talent that can make it to the super bowl but can never reach their full potential. DeMarco Murray will have a big game against the bills rushing d. DeMarcus Ware will learn from what the jets did and pressure Fitspatrick into making a couple mistakes. Fred Jackson will have a usual big game but it will not be enough. As much as it hurts I have to pick against the bills and pick the cowboys in a close one at home. Dallas 24 Buffalo 23.

Broncos @ Chiefs

Once again Tebow mania is sweeping the nation after one win and they are talking playoffs. Lets relax and go one game at a time. The broncos have a lot of problems that just putting Tebow in will fix. The chiefs after getting embarrassed by the previously winless miami dolphins will have something to prove. Kansas City 27 Denver 20

Texans @ Buccaneers

These are the type of games that the texans need to win if they are going to be considered a elite team and win their division. Road wins against good teams. Arian Foster needs to have a big game and the defense has to step up in order to get the w. Houston 23 Tampa Bay 17

Saints @ Falcons

A matchup that may be for the NFC north championship and a possible bye in the playoffs. The saints high powered offense will show their muscles against the falcons defense. Both of these high scoring teams will light up the scoreboard but the saints will win with a late field goal. New Orleans 45 Atlanta 42

Redskins @ Dolphins

Miami on a win streak? It will happen as they will ride the wave of momentum of the 31-3 blowout of the chiefs and continue against washington. Matt Moore will connect with Brandon Marshall for a pair of touchdowns and reggie bush will rush for over 100 yards and miami will move farther away from the “Suck For Luck” sweepstakes. Miami 28 Washington 16

Steelers @ Bengals

Cincinnati has been a nice surprise this season but has not received the same respect as the other teams with the same record. Those critics will be right in this matchup. The steelers are playing as well as any team in the league when they are not playing the ravens. Rothlisberger will have a nice game and will handel the bengals with ease on the road. Pittsburgh 20 Cincinnati 10

Ravens @ Seattle

The ravens have the tie breaker over the steelers for the rest of the year and they will use it and win the AFC north. They will take this one easily in seattle. The overpowering defense will silence “beast mode” and ray rice will have a huge game on the ground as the ravens take this one easily. Baltimore 35 Seattle 7

Lions @ Bears

(I’m not going to make a wizard of oz joke like Drew, you’re welcome)

The lions took round one in their emotional return to monday night against the bears. This time around the game is in chicago and the bears are the hotter team. Chicago pulled off a bit of an upset over the eagles on monday night and has been playing quite well of late. The bears will once again pull off a little bit of an upset and win a close one at home. Chicago 20 Detroit 17

Giants @ 49ers

A matchup with huge playoff implications in San Francisco. The 49ers have been a great surprise this year and are looking to clinch the NFC west by thanksgiving. The giants are looking to put some more ground in between them and the rest of the NFC east. The big win over the patriots will give the giants a little more swagger but traveling for their second straight road game and having to go across the country will take its toll on new york. San Francisco will move one game closer to the playoffs with a close win. San Francisco 21 NY Giants 17

Patriots @ Jets

Two of the three teams tied atop the AFC east play each other in a big matchup that will have big implications into who will win the division and possibly who will make the playoffs. Brady and the pats have to comeback from a heartbreaking loss to the other team that calls new york home, the giants. The pats will bounce back and hand Sanchez and the jets a big loss. New England 26 NY Jets 21

Vikings @ Packers

The defending champs are off to the best start you can imagine being undefeated and there quarterback is playing as well as anyone has been playing in recent memory. Playing their division rivals at home on monday night in lambeau field will have the packers playing at a high intensity and there defense will torture the rookie ponder in there second go around. Green Bay 31 Minnesota 16

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